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Financial Information

Maple Leaf Farm will help clients access any insurance benefits available to them. Verification of insurance benefits is not a guarantee of payment. All clients are financially responsible for insurance deductibles, co-pays, services not covered by insurance and services denied by insurance. A deposit must be paid prior to admission to Maple Leaf Farm to cover these expenses. Any credit balance on account will be refunded to the payee of the deposit once treatment is complete and all available benefits have been paid to Maple Leaf Farm by the client, an insurer or a third party.

Maple Leaf Farm accepts payment in the form of certified checks, cash, credit cards or wire transfers. While not affiliated with these companies, there are several medical care card and loan companies we suggest to clients needing help meeting the financial requirements of treatment.         800-432-9470        800-925-7119 (accept online applications only)                            866-501-5625           800-504-4053

Please contact these companies directly for specifics and credit applications.

If you need information information about the Vermont Health Exchange, please click here.

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